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We are apparatus. We are an architecture, design and research practice. We operate in the architecture scale, the urban scale, the interior, object and graphic design scales.

Founded in 2016, Apparatus Architects is an award-winning, international architecture and design office with offices in Brasilia and Lisbon. The office provides services in the fields of Architecture, Urban Planning, Graphic, Interior and Object Design. Apparatus Architects’ practice has been honored with the prestigious Architizer A+Awards in 2020, naming Apparatus Architects as one of the most innovative industry leaders and strongest emerging talents.

Our team is composed of well-versed, forward-thinking, skilled architects and designers coming from diverse backgrounds, generating a unique environment for creative collaboration with human assets. Apparatus Architects operates in different scales and typologies, with special focus and interest in architecture, adaptive reuse and urban design. As an international firm, our office members are fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German. We provide an integrated service of all architecture and construction phases, ranging from the conceptual design to construction, documentation and licensing to site supervision. Additionally, we also offer project and planning consulting services. 

As a research-driven office, we base our architectural thinking at the very core of our practice. We make our investigations relevant by being an intrinsic part of our conceptual process. This makes the research an essential part of our work. Developing and executing projects on a global scale, in different countries not only gives us valuable cultural and socio-economic insights but also unique opportunities and collaborations. We praise ourselves in being extremely sensitive to details and committed in creating bespoke projects and meaningful relationships with our clients.

This and our continuously evolving practice embody the very foundation of Apparatus Architects.

Gabriella Gama, 1988 Brasilia
UniCEUB Brasilia, FAUP Porto
AA MPhil Architect
Architect & Urbanist

Gabriella is architect and founding Design Partner at Apparatus Architects. In Brasilia, she gained experience in working at projects of different scales ranging from private residences to private and public buildings. Gabi participated in the development of construction drawings for the new bus terminal of Brasilia, refurbishments of public buildings, such as the Correio Brasiliense Newspaper headquarters, and worked on the design of international corporate headquarters and Honda flagship stores whilst in REIS Arquitetura. She also acquired experience in large scale construction assisting in the on-site supervision of the Olympic Stadium in Brasilia designed by von Gerkan, Marg and partners (GMP).
Despite being born in the modernist capital Brasilia, Gabi was raised in Geneva and Washington DC before going back to Brasilia. After acquiring significant experience, she decided to pursue her education in London and push further her studies on ‘Political Ground’ and enrolled in the MPhil in Projective Cities at the Architectural Association, under the supervision of Chris Lee (Serie Architects) and Sam Jacoby. Her studies explored the idea of Brasilia as a Megaform, term first coined by Fumihiko Maki and later redefined by Kenneth Frampton. Gabriella has been guest lecturer in Oxford, where she presented her research. Later on, her academic path was recognized in 2016 by FAUP in Porto, where she has been granted with a Masters in Architecture. Moreover, Gabriella’s time in London was flavored by the vivid cultural scene, which led her to specialize in Art Curation at the TATE Modern.
Gabriella’s vision behind the creation of Apparatus Architects is a collaborative collective from different backgrounds believing that there is no place for trans-disciplinary rigidity in design. It is fundamental for her, that Apparatus Architects’ design is in constant evolution looking for the most unique expression of spatiality. Her undeniable sense for space in combination with her critical background allow her to bring to life our concepts.

Filipe Lourenço, 1983 Paris
Academy of Fine Arts Paris-Malaquais
AA MPhil Architect AA Honours

Filipe is architect and founding Design Partner at Apparatus Architects with a unique combination of work and research background. Filipe gained extensive work experience in consecutive years as an architect at the Pritzker winning Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris and Sydness Architects in New York. At Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Filipe worked at the construction drawings of Jane’s Carousel and the Glass Tower, both located in New York City. At Sydness Architects, Filipe worked in a series of private competitions, high-end condominiums in Manhattan and on projects for towers in New York and Miami. Filipe had an on-site experience of the restauration and expansion of the Bristol Hotel in Paris, by Anthony Bechu. He also had an intense experience in interior architecture under the French decorator Pierre Hervé Walbaum, where he developed high-end interior architecture and restorations projects in historic castles and palaces in Florence, Viena, France and Moscow. Despite having had a significant work experience ranging from large- to small-scale projects, Filipe has a particular interest in academic research, which began in his Thesis under the supervision of philosopher Jean Attali and the Urbanist Jerrome Treuttel. Filipe was investigating the topic of Utopia and Heterotopia in the cities of Tokyo, Shanghai and Pheonix. He later furthered his research under the methodology of focusing on typology and its relation to the urban scale in Sam Jacoby’s MPhil program at the Architectural Association in London. Furthermore, Filipe has been guest lecturer in Casablanca and FAUL Lisbon, Paris-Malaquais and also took part in academic research alongside historian Marieta da Mesquita in Lisbon and French philosopher Marc Armengaud in Belgrade and Paris, which led to several publications.

Filipe’s vision behind the creation of Apparatus Architects, is a collective that should be able to question our time and our way of living. It is paramount for him that the office is able to create discourse, question paradigms and create relevant debates. Filipe’s undeniable vocation for creation associated with his theoretical and work background allow him to critically craft and conceptualize our work.

Inês Braz, 1985 Lisbon
FAUL Lisbon, IST UL Lisbon

Specialized in Architecture and Rehabilitations.
With an investigative nature, Inês has collaborated in a number of academic investigations in the FAUL Lisbon. Having lived most of her life in the city of Brussels, Inês was largely inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, which lead her to investigate the topic overseen by historian Marieta Dá Mesquita. After her studies, Inês gained work experience in a wide scope of projects ranging from interior design, architecture to urban planning in Portugal and Africa. At Apparatus Architects, she is responsible for overseeing the compliance of regulations and construction drawings besides working in the conception phase of the projects. Her technical skills and methodical profile allow our visions to become reality.

Barbara Romero, 1987 Brasilia
UniCEUB Brasilia, Brazil
IED Madrid, ESNE Madrid
Architect & Urbanist

Specialized in Architecture and Retail Design.
Driven and having acquired prior experience Barbara co-founded her own studio as Partner and Creative Director in Brasilia. During the that time in Brasilia, she developed a particular interest in retail projects, which led her to specialize in Retail Design and Visual Merchandizing at IED in Madrid. During her studies in Spain, she expanded her knowledge into even more detail and completed a Masters in Fashion, Design Technology and Digital Business. Her atypical journey, experience and energy has contributed to the Apparatus Architects. With her modernist influence, Barbara has strong sensibility and aesthetic intuition for timeless compositions. At Apparatus Architects, Barbara is responsible for developing and overseeing technical drawings and the construction sites, besides being an active part of our creative process.

Beatriz Pinta, 1994 Santiago
Faculty of Fine Arts Lisbon
Graphic Designer

Specialized in Graphic Design and Communication Design.
Bealtriz is our in-house Graphic Designer. Despite working within the field of Graphic Design and Communication, she has a background in Political Economy and she flirts with the concepts of design influences on political provocations. In her latest academic experiment, she founded a collective of Graphic Designers, became editor of the internationally praised online RIFE magazine. In our studio, she is also responsible for branding, information design, signaletics and presentations. Her unique perspective and particular approach to design have become an integrate part of our projects and day-to-day business of Apparatus Architects.

Dali, 2013 Leeds
Public Relations

Dali is in charge of our public relations and mood management. Fluent in Portuguese, English and Dogo. Dali also regularly takes the partners out for walks.


Junior Architects: Marcelo Guilherme and Maria Eduarda Neumann | Interns: Frederico Ribeiro and Aleksander Daniel | Financial Manager: Kevin de Carvalho | Accounted: Mafalda Oliveira | Urban Sociologist: José Pedro Braz | CG Artist: Carlos da Costa | Photographer: Ricardo Oliveira Alves

Past Collaboraters:

Photographer: Fernando Guerra and Haruo Mikami | CG Artist: Ian Alves, João Victor, Tejo Collective, In Homes Design and Axel Fangueiro | Museographer: Julia Moraes | Landscape Designer: Piso Térreo | Graphic Designer: Nádia Alexandre| Architect: Vanessa Vieira| Interior Architect: Nuno Alexandre| Junior Architect: Gustavo da Costa, José Crespo, Catarina Gaspar and João Ribeiro | Intern: Yannick Plachtzik, Luís Nogueira, Timothy Lerebours, Thomas Lauwers, Luís Carlos, Ana Margarida Alves, Rita Fonseca, Lourenço Fernandes and Victor Oliveira

Photography: Ricardo Oliveira Alves
Design and development: Beatriz Pinta, Nádia Alexandre