Amor Records

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Lisbon, Portugal

A project developed to represent the brand on a conceptual and physical level, which aimed to combine Brazilian disco and the love for vinyl in Lisbon. The client wanted the brand to have clear references to mid-century décor mixed with Brazilian brutalism with a green tropical feel.

Situated in a historic borough in central Lisbon. The space had the light concentrated in the entrance which associated with the high ceilings gave a tunnel-like feeling to the space. However, there was a strong sense of identity and presence with original stone flooring and historic apparent wooden beams and ceiling.

Conceptually we wanted to embrace and highlight these original features and incorporate them in our favour — the beautiful antique stone floor and the natural absence of light which combined with a red ceiling, embodied and illustrated the Brand’s visual identity. To bring the brutalist character into the project we designed a long shelf made of recoopered wood and bent iron rebars, which would serve as the showcase for all of the vinyls, merch, and tropical garden setting a pleasant mood to pop by and immerse yourself in the best of Brazilian disco music.


Renders: Tejo Collective