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This competition consisted in elaborating a proposal for the rehabilitation of the immediate surroundings of the Stadium of Brasilia, developing a new commercial centre, “the boulevard”, cultural and sports complex for the city.

Our proposal is based on the articulation two main concepts; The Boulevard and the Arena

 A Boulevard is generally composed of an enfilade of trees and is a part of concentric arterial network centre to the concept of urbanism. A place for pedestrian contemplation and of a certain architectural monumentality when compared to adjacent avenues. Usually, in a crossing of two or more boulevards is where the most diverse and important activities of cities are found, from an opera house, a church or a temple to an arena. The Arena, typology coined as the title of the competition, in Its architectural constitution, is typically circular or oval in plan, with a void contained in the middle, it is a space enclosed in itself, closed to the outside.

Our proposal was to transform an isolated typology into an open social-urban space that could epitomize Brasilia’s aspirations. The building aims to become not only the engine of a modern economy, open to the future, but also contain a great symbolic avenue, ambitious and recognized by all, another postcard for the city. The typological transformation of the arena is possible by the configuration of the boulevard, where the urban context proposes a new architectural vision which allows the BSB Arena takes shape.

The new Boulevard in its new form was largely inspired by the Ibirapuera iconic marquee by Niemeyer in São Paulo. The new and vast roof that sits on pilotis, representing movement and marking the paths, allows for the promenade and stimulates the use of  the commercial boulevard. The proposed architecture, through its plasticity dialogs with the different scales the complex touches. The complex is Monumental for its location and immediate context, Gregarious for its primary function and at the same time aspires to be revolved with the Bucolic. The curvilinear silhouette dialogs with the stadium and provides unexpected compositions for the user of the complex. In a protected masterplan composed of icons, the proposal aspires to integrate the urban and architectural scenario of Brasilia.

Main Entrance
Water Squre
Cultural Alleys
Spontaneous Events
Organic Market
Coworking and Meetings Square
Indoors Cinema
Drive-In Cinema
Superior Boulevard
Arborized Avenue
Skate Park
Dog Park
Sport Complex
Support Equipment
Cross Section
Circulation, Thermal and Program Modules
Inferior Boulevard Floor Plan
Superior Boulevard Floor Plan
Superior Boulevard & Sports Complex Floor Plan

Renders: Ian Alves