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The “Architecture in Competition” should not be a banal space of special exhibition. But rather a testimony to the experience of participating in a competition. The Architecture Competition represents a leap into experimentation, liberty and inspiration of discovery. This is the peak of the moment of creation. Nevertheless, this liberty is spacially constrained by the element that is the essence of a competition; the anonymity, which is contained by and expressed through the cell.

The cell is flexible, created from an assembly of modules that should contain the content of the exhibition enclosed to the exterior corridors. Isolation is a premise for any creative competition, and in its essence a desire to create light is latent. These corridors become a space of curiosity, where one searches for the entrances of the cells. These cells are suspended from the ground and ceiling becoming floating boxes of light. In its interior it is possible to see only moving figures. These boxes contrast the darkness of the garage which houses the exhibition and in the end of the corridor reaches a mirrored wall which duplicates the light cells in the space, and an elevated platformwhich represents the only moment the identity of the cells is revealed, through the eyes of the jury.


Renders: Inhomes Design