Barrancos Mortuary

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Barrancos, Portugal

Conceptually, this Project is meant to mark the ritual of parting, a passage which terminates in a mineral object which sits on the hill. Its dark and robust exterior contrasts with its light interior in its quasi-white concrete texture and abundant light. Facing the horizon, in a contemplative attempt to embrace the silence and the revolving nature a long veranda extends over the olive tree field.

Facing the cemetery, the square acts as a viewpoint terrace for the town and also functions as a venue public gatherings and activities. The Mortuary house in its design and placement intends to extend the minerality of the terraced square creating seating areas in the form of stairs connecting the lower street. The new bleachers facing the view creates a place for reverie and establishes a clear intentional and ceremonial connection between the square and the mortuary house.    

The idea of a standalone object on olive-tree fields was meant to accentuate the contemplative nature of the place, hence its subtle presence and materiality.

Location Plan
Floor Plan

Renders: Ian Alves, Luciano Salomão