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Brasília, Brazil

IAB – Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil / Institute of Architects of Brazil

CAU-BR (Conselho de Arquitetura e Urbanismo do Brasil / Brazilian Council of Architecture and Urbanism)

With the aim to create a spatial relation between these two institutions, IAB and CAU-BR, we chose to use a familiar element in Brasilia’s architecture: the pilotis. The pilotis in association with the natural slope of the terrain is courted with a bucolic garden, creating a ramp which wants to be lived! Like an open air auditorium. The bucolic character must be present in the first contact with the building, and this is spread vertically through an axis of trees creating a living filter between the two institutions, IAB and CAU, permeating the circulation gallery which is placed in every floor attenuating the brutal concrete skeleton.

This gallery creates a spatial, social and physical relation between the two buildings countering the traditional and obsolete notion of the waiting room, which is abundant in the program demanded. In the facing galleries the rail curves itself into an outdoor bench functioning as the waiting rooms.

In a simple structure we chose to concentrate all infrastructure and work with an open plan system with removable panels always maintaining the flexibility to adapt and grow the space internally. In order to respond to the solar orientation and winds the building has an external membrane of “brises” which also unifies these two buildings turning them into a single facade and architecture.

Constructive System
Garage Level Plan
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan
Auditorium and Terrace Plan