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Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

MAG – Museu do Ambiente de Gaia / Museum of the Environment of Gaia

MAG aspires to be a modern, conscious and sustainable factory, where nature, architecture and the city coexist.

Located in a territory historically and still mostly dedicated to the storage of wine, our project for the MAG is located in a long plot of great topography and pre-existing ruins of the former Fábrica das Devesas tiles. In the project, the ruin of the French Oven, the two chimneys and the tile display were maintained.

Breaking the local industrial urban fabric, the creation of a place that intends to regenerate and empower an entire area of ​​Vila Nova de Gaia in lethargy and neglect. The project aims to be both an architectural intervention and an urban requalification.

In order to recover the memory of what existed there, the implementation of the project rescues the factory typology and creates a large linear building that, coming from the topography, steps internally. Different levels are created for different uses and different views of the exterior are promoted, as well as a “promenade architecturale” inside.

Thus, the ambitious project seeks to mimic the cellar landscape in an equally imposing and long form.

In addition to the respectful form of a glorious past, in this “environmental factory” we sought in history a materiality that sought to suggest a relationship with the projected context. Thus, the use of arches, bricks, metallic elements, glass, pre-fabrication and the memory of the large factory spans emerged.

Localization map
Transport System Map
+4 | Rooftop
+3 | Restaurant
+2 | Administration + Multipurpose Room
+1 | Atrium Auditorium + Atrium Museum
0 | Auditorium + Technical Area + Library
-1 | Exhibition Halls
Front Facade
Left Side Facade
Right Side Facade

Pre-Existing Tiles Exhibition

Renders: Ian Alves

Museographer: Julia Moraes

Landscape Designer: Piso Térreo