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Torres Vedras, Portugal

MBBM – Museu do Brinquedo e Biblioteca Municipal de Torres Vedras / Toy Museum and Municipal Library of Torres Vedras

This project is Apparatus’ proposal for a public tender for the MBBM, in Portugal. The program integrates the two typologies in order to offer an open core of activities for the population

The area of intervention is the limit between the historic pedestrian zone of the town, and as many other historic centres of European cities they have a complete disregard for the public green spaces. Hence the concept was to give this constricted urban fabric a green and open garden for leisure and to allow for outdoor communal activity to happen.

This garden is elevated to allow for the Museum Atrium connect the various programmes on the base level. From the converging circulation axes that connects the pedestrian part of the town to the rest of the city and the Church Square shape the Museum and Library blocks. These blocks are broken once again to allow for the natural light and ventilation into the project. In order to allow for a versatile and efficient solution for the solar incidence in the buildings the project proposes wooden brises-soleil, which allows for a controlled and indirect light to enter and to adapt to its diverse programme. Besides the Library and the Museum, the third block is the Café/amphitheatre, and it is placed to allow for its functioning to happen independently from the rest of the programme. It was also a premise of the syllabus to maintain the historical facade which functioned as the entrance of the café which led to a piece of urban art done by the Artist Vhils.

Facade 1
Facade 2
Facade 3
Section 1
Section 2
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Garage Floor Plan