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Mafra, Portugal

Museu Nacional da Música – MNM / National Music Museum

Our proposal aimed to present a material representation in which the museographic melody, the history of music and the instruments that embody the collection of the museum. A base that would offer the rhythmic structure of bars, the musical dynamics offered by museography.

This score was born from the very configuration of the museum, in its succession of rooms that offered the rhythm of bars, on which a musical staff was added, continuous horizontal elements that occupy several dispositions along the system – floor demarcations, exhibitor elevations and seating areas. This game of controlled elevation originated a succession of intercalated elements, which made possible the structuring of a coherent museological path.

The organization of the exhibition was thought by scopes is in order to organize and guide the public’s experience through the museum. Starting with an Introduction moving torwards the Cordophones, the Membranophones, the Idiophones and the Aerophones.They were organized according to a typological classification to reveal the museum’s collection in an interdisciplinary manner that provides multiple connections and interpretations. The final scope aimed to end the museum experience by connecting all the contents and generate a strong affective connection through a great body interaction. As for the exhibitors, they were idealized as integrative elements of the spatial continuum, where they would display a mixture of contents from the four collections of the museum (instrumental, iconographic, phonographic and documentary).

Permanent Exhibition
Piano Room