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Lisbon, Portugal

OASRS – Ordem dos Arquitetos da Secção Regional Sul / Order of the Architects of the South of Portugal

The project is a proposal for the extension of the OASRS, located in Lisbon.

The proposal is based on the creation of a new volume, which touches the old facade of the Order in the ground level creating an interior patio giving access to the restaurant, which should function independently from the institution. The new pavilion mirrors the city, where its the fundamental intention is to become immaterial, and at times invisible by mirroring its immediate context, history and the protected building of the original Order of the Architects. 

Despite the extremely degraded state of the facade, which composes the urban quarter, it is an important part of the scale and identity of the place. Hence the project keeps the memory of the old facade and the continuity of the urban fabric by creating a sectioned metal skeleton mimicking the volume of the building; these standalone sections of the facade allow for a visual permeability into the building quarter and garden. Where the old doors stood, the project gives room to urban benches for the street, which aim to respond to the local and vivid social scene. Programmatically speaking, the new pavilion is connected to the old building through its new gallery space which transitions organically into the annexe of the Order giving access to the new classroom spaces. Lastly, the Pavilion has a restaurant/bar incorporated in its base facing the streets and patio. 

Location Plan
Entrance Facade
Front Facade
Long Section
Short Section

Renders: Ian Alves