Olhos de Vidro Social Housing

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Almada, Portugal

The project is a proposal for a social housing project in Almada, Lisbon. This competition was promoted by the Order of the Architects South, OASRS and the Housing Institute and Urban Rehabilitation, IHRU. 

The form of the building comes from the urge of creating a facade for both of the streets and therefore creating a corner-building. The building incorporates 28 typologies; them being 14-one-bedroom apartments; 6-two-bedroom apartments; and 8-three-bedroom apartments.

The form of the building allowed for the creation of a private patio which not only gives access to the 14-one-bedroom flats giving them a more reserved entrance but also provides a reserved garden area for its residents. The building was staggered in its extremities to allow for a larger incidence of natural light in the garden throughout the day.

Given the unusual form of the building the proposal intended to create a strong rhythm that could break the round plane of the facade and turn it into an experiment creating different points of views for the apartments given its wide views into the horizon. Nonetheless, the geometry generated by this rhythm allowed for the creation of balconies for its residents giving the building both a unique and strong character.