Setubal Townhouse

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Setubal, Portugal

This project consists in a conversion of a historic townhouse in the centre of Setubal for a private investor. The project entails a complete refurbishment including a general update of the infrastructure and punctual structural reinforcements of the façade and interior.

This house was in a state of ruin, and had previously been segregated vertically into two apartments, one in each floor. This shift led to a mischaracterization of the original volumes and the removal of any sort of ornament of historic value in its interior.

Our intervention here consisted in making the underground floor inhabitable given its initial the height of 1.5m, and making the roof level inhabitable in order to expand the net square meters of the house and make the most of the programme. The initial programme consisted in three suites, a large living area with an open kitchen.

The proposal subdivides the use by floors, the ground floor consisted in all of the social-related rooms; such as the living room, dining and kitchen. The second floor would be two suites for children, and the third floor would house the master suite with the new verandas. Lastly, the underground floor has a large family room that can shifted into a large guestroom. This floor has also a large laundry room with spare closet space for the house.

This house had originally an exterior atrium, this atrium in the project functions as a chimney of light and gardens that permeate the different floors of the house. It was important to play with the internal volumes to create the unexpected elements of surprise and hence the creation of a two floor atrium with a mezzanine and a sculptural staircase that connects the lower floor and the upper floor. This staircase had to be disconnected to the upper floor to allow for a private and open plan setting in the master suite. 

Old and new facade

Renders: Ian Alves